The Common Mushroom

White, crimini, portabello, baby bella; I was pretty surprised when I found out all these types of mushroom were technically the same fungus: agaricus bisporus (known commonly as the common mushroom). The different names comes from their natural variance in size, color, and maturity. As far as nutritional qualities there isn’t much deviation between the various kinds. Are mushrooms are healthy? Thanks for asking! As it happens, there are a number of benefits to noshing your ‘shrooms, as well as some good reasons to be cautious. Continue reading


Human Variability and Diet

It’s a simple conclusion to make, that there’s one perfect diet for everyone. And while I tend to think some foods are generally good and some are generally bad, the reality is that there isn’t one way to eat and one person’s ideal diet might not be beneficial to someone else. We don’t all react to food the same way it’s important we understand this. There are many ways we differ when it comes to the ways our body handles food. For example… Continue reading

By the Hammer of Thor!

Well, here I am. After many eons of studying nutrition in the halls of Valhalla, I have decided to bring by opinions to the world wide net. I don’t have the time to post anything of real length to begin with, so here’s a wonderful cooking show I’ve been enjoying lately.

Personally, I don’t advocate eating straight mayonnaise like the fellow in the video; too much linoleic acid. Despite his statement to the contrary, it’s probably not “good for you”.