Calcium: A Compendium

Calcium is very important for the proper functioning of the human body, notable for its role in cell signaling, muscle contraction (including the heart–a fairly important muscle), neurotransmitter release from neurons, enzyme-mediated processes like blood clotting, and as a structural component of bone and teeth (1, 2). Continue reading


And Yet It Moves

(I’m writing this quick blog post while I wait for some yams to boil. It’s also finals weeks, so I’m a bit sleep deprived. This post will probably reflect that…)

“The sun revolves around the earth”. Say that to pretty much anyone and you’ll be hopefully be corrected right quick. Yet there was a time when such a statement was considered truth.

History is full of similar stories: someone presents a scientific theory contrary to popular or accepted belief and faces criticism, only to be found correct all along. It’s easy to laugh about the pseudoscience people used to believe in, but to think we don’t sometimes get things wrong today is to be optimistic and sadly mistaken. Continue reading