Dairy and Racism

I recently came across an article in the McDougall Newsletter from March of 2007 entitled When Friends Ask: “Why Don’t You Drink Milk?” that I found pretty interesting (1). Mostly, I found it worth writing a sarcastic blog post about.

John McDougall is a medical doctor who recommends a mostly starch-based, low fat diet and in this article, he outlines some of the problems with dairy products from a health perspective. One of the things Johnny says in the article is that “recommending dairy is racist”. A surprising claim at first, he explains that “Non-whites commonly have a normal, natural “intolerance” to milk sugars, and such sugars consumed after the weaning-time cause them intestinal distress with flatulence, cramps and diarrhea.” Continue reading


Carbohydrates, Japan, and Dr. Michael Eades

I recently came across this video, in which low-carb diet advocate Dr. Michael Eades defends his nutritional recommendations at the Ancestral Health Symposium of 2011. He starts out by responding to those who essentially ask him “why, if carbohydrates are unhealthy, are the people of (insert healthy, carb eating culture here) so healthy.”

In regards to this question, he could have just said “correlation does not imply causation, bitches”, popped his collar, and walked off stage. Had he done this, I’d have left it alone (and been very amused), but he chose to give a lengthy counter argument. As a result, I decided to give a brief counter argument to his counter argument. Continue reading