Some Collected Studies on Orange Juice

The following are studies performed on orange juice and oranges. Despite the claims of some nutritionists lately, orange juice is clearly not as bad as soda despite both being high in sugar. I left appropriate quotes or findings underneath the bolded studies.

Orange juice appears to have a number of interesting benefits, though it may have adverse effects on body fat and tooth enamel. Continue reading


Does Eating Meat Cause High Blood Pressure?

In yet another installment of my series examining the supposed health detriments of eating meat we move to the topic of high blood pressure. I’ve heard people claim that meat gives you high blood pressure (usually citing some epidemiological studies on vegetarians with low blood pressure to support it). Since high blood pressure is associated with and appears to play a role in cardiovascular disease, including stroke (1) this would be bad for the meat eaters. Well, let’s give a quick run through of some controlled trials to see how true this theory is. Continue reading