Vitamin B1 and B2: Potential Benefits

Not all nutrients have the same degree of popularity. For every rockstar like vitamin D there’s a lesser known nutrient which hasn’t had its moment in the spotlight. Two such nutrients are vitamins B1 and B2 and today I will attempt to touch on some of the reasons you may want to consider your intake of these vitamins. Continue reading


Growth Hormone and Aging Continued: IGF-1 Levels and Longevity

As suggested in the last post growth hormone and its downstream partner IGF-1 have a somewhat controversial standing with regard to aging and longevity. Although observations of animals seem to suggest GH/IGF-1 shortens lifespan, such observations are not as clear with humans. Additionally, while GH/IGF-1 does seem to promote cancer it also to seems to prevent cardiovascular disease, depending on the context. Continue reading