Oats have long been considered a simple, respectable health food for the masses. But are they really such a wonderful food, or is their status as a humble superfood a myth that needs to be smashed? Let’s take a look. Continue reading


How To Avoid Gluten Intolerance (if you don’t have it)

Gluten intolerance is gaining notoriety lately, not just because it’s a hot fad, but because it actually appears to be increasing [10]. However, even the best current testing for the condition shows that majority of people are gluten tolerant. This does not mean there aren’t reasons to avoid wheat, but for most people gluten is probably not such a reason. Still, anyone can develop gluten intolerance (0.2% of the population not withstanding) so for those people who want to keep eating gluten but want to avoid getting gluten intolerance, here are my tips: Continue reading

The Alkaline Diet: A Review

In comparison to the other sciences, it’s only relatively recently that nutrition has gained some of the prominence it holds today. It’s a field of study that finds itself maturing and I believe the future will see many more people recognizing just how important a healthy diet is. We are, however, far from having one consensus on what exactly constitutes a “healthy diet”. Things can seem divisive among people to say the least, with plenty of disagreement, misinformation, and the occasional ridiculous bullshit being spewed onto anyone who’ll believe it. Because of this it can be hard to differentiate a scientifically sound argument from a fallacious concept. There are numerous theories on nutrition out there and it can be tough figuring out which ones are accurate.

One theory that has been around for awhile is the basis for an eating plan known as the alkaline diet. Continue reading