Microwaving Food: A Follow Up

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Joeseph Mercola, don’t lose sleep over it. He’s an alternative health guru prone to making poorly substantiated claims about what is going to cause your death this week. He has good ideas, but plenty of bad ones too. Why do I bring him up? I recently found out he has an article on his website detailing his reasons for not liking microwaves. I recently wrote a blog post where I declared microwaves a perfectly acceptable method of cooking based on the science, so I was curious about his reasoning. This article by Mercola contained a few studies that caught my attention and were presented as anti-microwave evidence, so I decided I would evaluate them and see if I came to a different conclusion than I did before. Continue reading


Coconut Oil and Health Part 3: Possible Health Benefits

In this, my final post on coconut oil, I’ll discuss some purported benefits of consuming the oil. This will include its effects on bacteria, viruses, cancer, the liver, and oxidation. Alright! Continue reading